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Interdisciplinary Team Units use a block of time devoted to activities that provide enrichment and supplement the regular middle school curriculum. Teachers plan activities for our students that help to create a sense of identity and belonging.

Students learn new and interesting things in a relaxed, integrated, and encouraging environment.

An active Student Assistance Team uses a systematic procedure to identify students who are experiencing school-related difficulties and to provide help in the most appropriate manner possible.
The East Pennsboro Area Middle School has an active Student Council providing school spirit promotions, fund-raising activities for worthy causes, and supervised social activities. Elections for Student Council officers and representatives are held annually.

Middle school students create their own yearbook through the Yearbook Club and its advisors. At a minimal cost, yearbooks are distributed each May as a means of remembering the middle school years.
Middle school students may participate in interscholastic competitions in field hockey, basketball, wrestling, soccer, cross country, and track and field.

Learning support programs are offered in inclusive and part-time special education settings based on each student’s degree of need. Each eligible student has an Individualized Education Program (IEP) which addresses individual strengths and weaknesses. East Pennsboro Area Middle School offers instruction in the regular classroom with special education assistance to the greatest degree possible.

Gifted enrichment courses in a program called DISCOVER are available to students in inclusive and resource settings.